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Mechanic Street/Buckingham Place Roundabout                       
This concept is a plan for a new roundabout at the intersection of Buckingham Place and Mechanic Street.  The current intersection is challenged by 4 lanes of traffic and about 14,000vpd traffic volume.  The bridge limits geometric modifications to the intersection approaches.   

 This concept places a new roundabout to the west of the current intersection.   Two options were studied, one on centered on existing Mechanic Street and the other shifted to the south. 

 Option 1 is the preferred alternative of these two.  It achieves the desired offset centerline to shift and slow traffic as it enters and negotiates the feature.  It provides access points for Buckingham Place and one for lands to the Country Club to the west.  These options were developed in the interest of a change to HC zoning of some of this land.  Knowing traffic access to Mechanic Street would be an issue, the concept was developed as a mitigation measure.  The existing clubhouse drive would be modified to connect to Buckingham Place.

 Option 2 was studied to minimize/split ROW impacts.  It would likely mean the loss of the Roberts Auto facility.  The concept plan indicates a replacement structure on the lower/northern portion of Buckingham Place, outside the 50 shoreland buffer.  It also has the center of the circle centered on the road centerline, an undesirable feature for roundabouts.

 The project has the following advantages:
-establishes a 4 leg roundabout at Mechanic Street. 
-the roundabout is laid out as a 2 lane roundabout to accommodate traffic volumes in excess of 10,000vpd.
-provides pedestrian crossings.
-minimally impacts existing businesses.





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