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    Mechanic Street Properties                                                         
The former site was the home of Honey Gardens.  The site included a residence,
an auto repair shop, and several small businesses.
The site grade was 2-3’ below the road.  This created problems for site drainage
and wastewater disposal.  During heavy storm events, the city’s combined
sewers would surcharge, backing up into site basins and site sewer lines. 
The existing buildings were also in the flood plain of the Mascoma River.


The major thrust of the site design was to raise the buildings.
This achieved several goals that benefited the project:
        -Raising the building elevations allowed gravity sewer to be maintained.
        -Higher floor elevations put the buildings well out of the 100 year flood plain.
        -Higher site elevations allowed for proper site drainage and the development
          of a stormwater treatment facility (recharge system).
        -The higher elevations gave the buildings a “presence” and made them
          highly visible from the adjacent  collector street.


The project included subdividing off a 50,000sf parcel for the Service Credit Union.




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